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Dustin Bunnell


Master Dustin S. Bunnell began studying martial arts in

1984 at the Oskaloosa ATA Tae Kwon Do Academy at

only 4 years old which, for him, would create a lifelong

passion in the martial arts.

Throughout the 80's and 90's Dustin would continue to

study and explore many different martial arts and earn

various ranks and certifications along the way.  

In May of 2002, he began studying Jeet Kune Do and

Filipino Martial Arts earning his Full Instructor Certification

in April of 2007 in both Jeet Kune Do and Kali-Silat.  

Continuing his training, Dustin sought out world-renowned

Jeet Kune Do and Street Fighting expert, Paul Vunak and

began training in the Progressive Fighting Systems (PFS)

method of Jeet Kune Do and earned his Phase One

Instructor Certification in May of 2009 followed by his PFS Edged Weapons Instructor Certification in July of 2009.  More recently, Dustin has been training diligently in the Art and Science of Mook Jong under KI Fighting Concepts creator, Sifu Joseph Simonet and plans to continue training and advancing in the arts and curriculum of the KI Fighting Concepts organization. 

Since 2002, Dustin has also earned a number of other instructor certifications and he has been actively teaching in one capacity or another since 2004.  He's currently the owner and head instructor of Impact Martial Arts in Oskaloosa, Iowa and continues to teach a number of classes, seminars, courses and workshops in Martial Arts and Self-Defense throughout Iowa and the Midwest. 

Phase One Instructor


Full Instructor

Full Instructor

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3rd Degree Black Belt - Instructor

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2nd Degree Black Belt 



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